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multiple spindle drill headmultiple spindle drill headmultiple spindle drill headmultiple spindle drill headmultiple spindle drill headmultiple spindle drill headmultiple spindle drill head

AutoDrill Attachments

The basic AutoDrill contains the mechanical components to perform the stroking and rotary motions.  One common addition to an AutoDrill is a spindle attachment.  Chucks are the most common spindle attachment. We offer a complete selection of popular chucks.

         collet chuck

Precision Collet Chucks

  • High Accuracy

  • Optimized Gripping Power

  • Mid-Range Costs

  • Use Standard Erickson Collets

Professional Key-Type Chucks

  • Reasonable Cost
  • Industrial Accuracy
  • Good Gripping Power
  • Hardened & Ground Critical Components
  • Long Life

    key-type chuck

keyless chuck

Precision Keyless Chucks**

  • Maximum Convenience
  • High Accuracy
  • Higher Costs
  • Tighten on Torque Increase

** Not for use in reversing or machine braked applications.

Multiple Spindle Heads

The multiple spindle head is the solution to closely spaced drilling problems.  Engineered for direct drive from the drill spindle, holes as close as 1/2" are possible.  Standard adjustable twin spindle heads are carried in stock. Almost any conceivable multiple pattern is available with a reasonable delivery.  Our engineering department is available to custom design a fixed head to your requirement.

multiple spindle
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tapping head
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Tapping Heads

Tapping can be a time consuming operation.  Our self-reversing tapping head is the solution when production is a concern. Capacities to 1/2" in steel are standard.