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multiple spindle drill headmultiple spindle drill headmultiple spindle drill headmultiple spindle drill headmultiple spindle drill headmultiple spindle drill headmultiple spindle drill head

AutoDrill Accessories

Fixture Stands

We offer a selection of standard fixture stands. They cover many vertical down and horizontal drilling applications. Reasonable modifications to the design can be made to customize the units.  Many drilling applications can be handled without high engineering, design or custom fabrication costs.  The following drawing for an example of a typical vertical down drill stand.

self feed drill stand



Most applications require a method of securing the work in a fixed position.  Standard clamp designs can be added to our fixture tables.  Automatic clamp operation can be integrated in our standard controls.

clamps for self feeding drills


Guide Bushing Plates

Guide bushings are recommended for many applications.  Use of a guide bushing plate guarantees positional accuracy, consistent sizing and less setup time.  They are also required for many multiple spindle head applications.  Our experience will save time and money in completing your project successfully.


Tooling for most applications has already be established.  If this is not true or your experiencing a problem with the existing tooling please draw upon our experience.  Application assistance is always free.

Position Slides

Position slides are occasionally necessary to fit the layout requirement or for a multiple step operation.  Simple two position pneumatic slides are offered.


A successful project begins with basic planning and layout.  Reasonable application layouts are offered free.  We also offer, as a paid service, complete design engineering for more difficult projects.

Download our 8 page catalog in PDF format